Overview of TimeClocks

TimeClocks are used by many hospitals and care homes today across the UK. Historically they were only used to ensure accurate payroll, however today with multi-professional teams delivering care across flexible settings; TimeClocks are embraced as a means of providing vital real-time total workforce visibility to support operational workforce deployment for safer and more flexible staffing.

How do TimeClocks work and what is the benefit to us?

  • Simple and fast devices allow staff to record attendance either at a hospital or care home entrance or ward by ward 
  • Can be used across all staff groups; providing a unique live operational view of all staff on shift at anytime
  • Supports smoother on-boarding of temporary staff and better governance controls 
  • Makes it easier to maintain operational visibility and accurate pay as more flexible shifts and redeployment are used
  • Fully integrated to HealthRoster and SafeCare delivering a number of benefits:
    • No time sheet burden or incorrect time sheet recording. 
    • Real-time rosters updated with live staffing view making operational changes easier and safer to manage
    • Ensures accurate pay
  • Easy and effective time and attendance 
  • Fast and low cost to set up
  • Low risk as it is easy to trial in key areas or wards and then grow out as needed

If you think TimeClocks are only for certain staff groups - think again

  • Provides a complete real-time view of all nursing staff on shift, either across the organisation or ward-by-ward
  • Visible in HealthRoster and SafeCare; making the management of safe staffing decisions easier
  • Reduces admin associated with redeployment or flexible teams
  • Provides a complete live view of all junior doctors across the organisation
  • Helps to safe guard against unsafe roster practice or contract breach
  • Track on calls
  • Provide audit trail for Guardians of Safe Working
Temporary staff
  • Makes it easy to see temp staff on single view alongside other staff
  • Positively confirm temp staff have arrived to shift and see gaps quickly
  • On-boarding is improved
  • Time sheet admin is removed and pay is accurate
Allied Health Professionals
  • Makes it easy to see where AHPs are; making it easy to contact them
  • Provides team view of all staff
  • As organisations move to roster AHPs via activity it provides a key data set for planning
Estates and Support
  • Remove the burden of time sheets and ensure pay is accurate
  • Provide an accurate view of all staff on site at anytime
Management and admin
  • Makes it easier to manage flexi-time contracts
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