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Have you ever wondered how organisations create a job planning, scheduling and leave management process that engages medics and delivers benefits for both the medics and the organisation they work for? Watch the video on the right to hear how Sherwood Forest have done just this using eJobPlan, eRota, MedicOnline and ActivityManager.

Job plans that matter linked to leave management and activity

The Carter Report makes it clear that organisations need to do more effective job planning. For  many organisations job planning remains a blueprint that is disconnected from the service plans organisations need to deliver. This wastes medics' time and introduces productivity issues for trusts.  Hear how Sherwood Forest has approached job planning and brought it to life with aligned clinical activity and medic leave management making it easier for medics to complete and better for everyone.

Products: eJobPlan | MedicOnline | Activity Manager

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 This will make this an easier process for you. We have to do it every year; it's important we get it right. By using this tool it will make it easier for you

Dr Andy Haynes, Medical Director, Sherwood Forest NHS Trust