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Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Learn from the team at Plymouth about how they have moved to daily acuity based staffing and the impact it has had.

What will you learn from watching the Plymouth videos?

There is a great deal of interest from organisations keen to learn from Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust. That is because the team at Plymouth are leading the way in doing acuity based daily staffing. Even the secretary of state for health highlighted their approach to rostering in his speech at the NHS Confederation Annual Conference this month.

To help other organisations the team at Plymouth have kindly agreed to share their experiences with you. The two videos above provide perspectives from the head of nursing, ward managers, matrons and workforce team on what they have done to move to this more dynamic and innovative daily staffing model.

It includes footage of their staffing meeting that really sits at the heart of the process, together with an overview of how they manage collection of census data three times a day to ensure an up to the minute organisation wide view of patient mix and need alongside staff and skills on each ward.

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We have moved to real time daily staffing using patient acuity, it is reviewed three times a day in staffing meetings. This combined with a rigorous focus on eRostering, the use of benchmarking data and targeted improvement is helping us use our staff resource more effectively

Beverley Allingham, Deputy Director of Nursing, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

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