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Leicestershire Partnerships NHS Trust Case Study

Making every hour count – reducing the number of unused hours from a run rate of circa 500k to 22k per four week period

Making the most of your contracted hours before going to temporay staff

Leicestershire Partnership like many organisations are improving workforce productivity via a number of methods. They understand that it is vital to have the best eRostering systems and processes in place to ensure they are filling as many hours as possible with the substantive staff. This is better for patients and productivity.

Hear how they are using HealthRoster dats and how they are benchmarking and supporting staff to ensure  all contracted hours are used.

Find out how we can help you focus on using all contracted hours or other metrics that can improve rostering and avoid temp staffing costs

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We have now got our avoidable costs from unused hours down from circa 500k over a four week period to 22k 

Alan Duffell, Human Resources Director, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust