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eRostering and workforce productivity in Community Services

Find out how Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust are improving workforce efficiency, safe staffing, reducing agency staff costs and improving shift working patterns.

Creating a responsive workforce | Reducing agency

The team at Derbyshire Community Health are leading the way for community health providers. They have:

  • reduced agengy using SafeCare to help define which areas need support from their responsive workforce;
  • engaged staff to book more bank shifts by empowering them with mobile roster access and direct booking of bank shifts;
  • driven better rostering with early approvals to ensure roster gaps are visible soon enough for staff to fill rather than always going to agency at higher cost last minute.
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 Fill rate moved from 55% to as much as 90% since direct booking on Employee Online was switched on


Nicola Myronko, Clinical Lead Workforce, Derbyshire Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust