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I am a Leader of an Organisation – how will HealthAssure Optima help me?

  • Feel confident your wards & services are always prepared for an unannounced CQC inspection
  • Evidence that all areas of your organisation are managing and implementing national guidance, such as NICE standards, safety alerts (CAS), and audits
  • Know that your wards & services are providing evidence based assessments against the CQC KLoE’s; such as key workforce metrics and local audits
  • Have a complete, transparent, and interrelated view of assurance from Board level, through your Divisions, right down to individual services and wards

I work in a Trust as a Ward Manager. How will MyAssurance help me with my work?

  • Electronic record of Audit data
  • Customisable, shareable templates
  • Standard Audit template provision if required
  • Pre-inspection report – intelligence of picture of ward ‘Risks/ KPIs, Incidents, Complaints’
  • Multi user per audit capability
  • Ability to work in ‘offline’ mode
  • Auditable trail of data – ‘CQC Ready’
  • Interactive reports – comparison across wards/services
We experienced really great buy-in from our staff, including ward and departmental managers, matrons, governance colleagues, heads of nursing and executives. Within an 8-12 week period our staff completed 71 sets of clinical review which comprised of the 5 KLOE, totalling an impressive 355 self-assessments 

Deborah Pullen Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

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