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See how simple it is to set up a collaborative staff bank at your Trust with CloudStaff.
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What is a Collaborative Staff Bank? 

A collaborative staff bank pools the bank workers of participating Trusts. It allows a Trust to offer available duties to workers from other Trusts, and workers from other Trusts to directly book vacant shifts. 

CloudStaff can be used across all staff groups and links Trusts together to create an integrated view of demand and supply. It enables the efficient filling of available shifts helping to improve shift fill rates and reduce the reliance upon agency workers.

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Why do I need a Collaborative Staff Bank?

With an extended bank of staff, you can maximise opportunities for flexible workers, minimise need for agency, and significantly reduce agency spend.

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Operational Efficiency and Optimization

CloudStaff seamlessly integrates with the existing Allocate workforce management systems (HealthRoster and BankStaff) to allow the easy flow of information and data and eliminating the need for any double entry.
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Reduced Patient Risk

CloudStaff helps bring complete visibility of shift bookings for each staff member across a cluster resulting in better and more efficient shift allocation with reduction in unsafe working practices

We found we all share the same group of staff - be they our substantive staff working in another hospital on their bank or vice versa. We asked 'why are we paying money to an agency to give our own staff back to us collectively as an STP we can work together to make it easy for staff that want to move around to be able to do so?

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Sue Winter, HR Director Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust

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I want to find out how to start a collaborative staff bank 

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Frequently Asked Questions

[fa icon="plus-square"] We use HealthRoster and/or BankStaff - how do we start using CloudStaff?

That’s great, you are ready for CloudStaff. Identify a Trust to partner with and start now.

[fa icon="plus-square"] How quickly can we get started with CloudStaff? What does it take to set up a collaborative staff bank?

You can start by joining up with just one partner Trust and then scale up with other multiple Trusts and staff groups. The CloudStaff QuickStart Toolkit guides you through the process and gets you up and running quickly.

[fa icon="plus-square"] We are managing agency costs effectively. Why should we join a collaborative staff bank?

A collaborative staff bank provides many more benefits than just reducing agency costs. It gives your staff an opportunity to work in partner Trusts and gain additional knowledge and experience. Vacant shifts get filled faster and improved shift fill rates enable the delivery of better care. Furthermore, CloudStaff helps bring complete visibility of shift bookings and compliance to safe working practices across the cluster.

[fa icon="plus-square"] How can I access CloudStaff?

Workers access CloudStaff duties and data via the Me app which provides users with one-touch-access to manage all aspects their work. A Trust’s operational staff use HealthRoster and BankStaff to access the CloudStaff hub to manage duties and processes.

[fa icon="plus-square"] I'm a doctor/nurse, what’s in it for me?

CloudStaff allows you to book available shifts across the Trusts in the collaborative bank using your smartphone. Using the Me app, you would also be able to view your roster, request shifts on future rosters, manage your annual leave, view your time sheets, submit and track your expense claims and upload documents directly.