Introducing CareHub

CareHub takes the admin out of managing patient observations and handover.  CareHub is a patient management system that brings together HealthRoster and SafeCare with a mobile application that allows staff to capture inpatient observations, acuity and complete handovers of care.  By combining eRostering data and patient details from your patient records system CareHub provide staff with up-to-date patient lists, details, observations and structured shift handover processes. 
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Accurate recording of patient observations

  • National Early Warning Score (supports both NEWS and NEWS2)
  • Modified Early Warning Score for local and specialist parameters
  • Observations chart displaying trends in acute condition
  • Rule based and manual escalations based on professional judgement
  • Student nurse observations sign-off
  • Rule based actions based on recorded observation score
  • Repeat observation based on recorded observation score
  • Manual overwriting of frequency based on professional judgement
  • Recorded observations added to patient messaging and visit timeline

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Patient level acuity management

CareHub allow users to
  • Capture current acuity level on a per patient basis
  • Apply patient filters allows a list of patients to be presented to allow users with a worklist of patients requiring acuity updates
  • Configure acuity update schedules to require staff to update or acknowledge no change in acuity level after a set period of time 
  • Record acuity added to patient messaging and visit timeline
HealthSuite Integration
  • Linkage between HealthRoster Units and CareHub Wards (based on Patient Administration System configuration)
  • Mapped acuity models for each Ward to ensure correct acuity level captured and displayed in CareHub and SafeCare
  • Live feed of patient level acuity negating the need for manual entry into SafeCare
  • Option to calculate and update completed shift acuity levels to reflect the staffing requirement across each shift based on selected acuity model for improved establishment management
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Simplified and structured patient handovers

  • Where a handover is required the nurse in charge can quickly identify and allocate patients to a named nurse on an up and coming shift. 
  • Nurses have easy access to their patient workloads
  • Handovers are standardised and incorporate SBAR (Sitatuion, Background, Assessment and Recommendations)
  • Provides a consisetnt handover between staff and ensure information is instantly available to all relevant staff
  • Linkage between HealthRoster staff record and CareHub user account to know rostered location and role

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